You must have heard about pies and cakes if you are a lover of baked goods. If you are planning for a treat of yummy confectionery items but worried about cake versus pie nutrition, let me ease your stress. 

Both these delicacies are completely different and you can drool over anything based on your personal choices. In this blog, we will conclude the argument of which one is better among the two.


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11 Crucial Benchmarks to Show Distinction of Cake Versus Pie

Presenting the table below, showing distinction between cakes and pies:


Flour, leaveners, sugar, salt, dairy


Flour, fat, salt, fillings




Sweet or savoury


Light, spongy


Flaky, crusty








Golden brown


25-55 minutes


20-50 minutes

















CALORIES* (for 100g)

227-450 kcal*


238- 422 kcal*

* Source: as per USDA

What Is the Difference Between Cake and Pie Ingredients?

Baking of cakes is done with a liquidy batter made of flour, leaving agents (baking soda or baking powder) , powdered sugar, a dash of salt and dairy like butter, milk or eggs. Additionally, on top of it, cream and many other ingredients are used for frosting.

Pies are baked foods that have a pastry crust on top. These are prepared from pastry dough made of flour, fat and salt. To this dough, fillings of fruit, meat, pudding, nuts or sugar are added and baked.

Which Is Better, Cake vs Pie in Taste?

Cakes have many flavours ranging from chocolate, vanilla to fruit cakes. They are pleasant, sweet and scrumptious desserts topped with fondant and delectable seasonings. 

Pies can be made either sweet or savoury with a wide array of fillings. Sweet pies are made of chocolate or brown sugar and other sweet ingredients, whereas savoury pies are made from fillings of vegetables, fruits or meat.

Why Is Cake Better Than Pie in Texture?

Texture of cake and pie is completely different. The cake’s texture is light, spongy and fudgy as these are made of a soft and smooth batter.

On the other hand, pies are made of a stiff dough hence its texture is firm, crusty and crunchy in a way.

Cakes vs Pies- Analysing Size and Shape Variations

The cake can be designed in different layers or tiers and its size also differs according to the size of the pan. Also, these are available in various shapes like circular, heart, rectangular, triangular, square etc.

Pies are also prepared in varied sizes and shapes like round, triangular and oval. This is donet before baking to grab the attention of users.

Is Pie and Cake the Same in Colour?

Cakes also have varied colours and it is based on ingredients used, frosting and toppings done like chocolate ganache, white cream.

Pies are an iconic American and European dessert. Generally, it is golden- brown to reddish- brown in colour due to the glaze of milk, egg or cream on top..

What Is the Baking Time of Cakes Versus Pies?

Cakes and pies both can be baked using an OTG, microwave oven or simply on a gas stove. Cakes are baked using a cooker or kadhai, whereas cast- iron skillets are used to make pies in a gas stove. 

The baking time of these goods differs and it’s based on the mode of baking, type of item and its flavours, size of the mould and temperature. 

What Is Easier to Make, Cakes or Pies?

Preparation of cakes is easier as compared to that of pies. For making cakes, a batter is prepared by mixing all the ingredients and then baked. It can be served with or without icing based on the user’s choice.

On the other hand, pies are prepared with a dough but the making of filling and a perfect pie crust and baking is an overdue task. However, the hassle is quite worthy in case of both the desserts.

Does Pie or Cake Have More Sugar and Calories?

If you are having a confusion that is pie healthier than cake, then let me clear your doubt. Sweet pies contain much more sugar than cakes and hence, they have more calories. 

In case of cakes, calories quite differ with the flavour used. Coming to the calories of savoury pies, it is less than sweet pies and quite varies with the fillings used.

Which Is Better- Cake or Pie for Vegans?

In today’s scenario, vegan alternatives of cakes are on the market.

  • Oat milk or soy milk- alternatives of dairy milk.
  • Substitute cream frosting with coconut milk and cream.
  • The liquid from chickpeas, vegan yogurt- eggs and butter
  • Organic cane or brown sugars.

Healthy vegan pies include chocolate peanut butter mousse, vegan lime pies and fruit pies like banana cream pie, pumpkin pie, apple pie. Likewise, the best vegan options for pies are used to substitute butter, egg,

  • Sunflower oil, olive oil, vegetable fats, margarine (made of vegetable oils) are used in place of butter.
  • Mashed bananas, applesauce or egg- replacements (made of potato or tapioca starch).

Contrasting Types of Cakes Versus Pies

Cakes can be prepared with or without cream frosting and can be decorated with cherries, chocolate ganache, cake crumbs, fruits or dry fruits. They have multiple flavours and types like angel food cake, chiffon cake, walnut and banana cake etc.

Unlike cakes, pies are never decorated with icing or cream. They are prepared with fillings inside the dough and before baking, this dough can be cut in different shapes but toppings are not allowed. Types of pies include a variety like apple pie, pecan pie, pumpkin pie, tart etc.

Which Is More Popular, Cake or Pie?

Cakes are perfect to make your events more memorable and special. Moreover, if you have a sweet tooth or you are craving for desserts, the cake is a good option to rejoice.

Unlike cakes, pies are made either sweet or savoury. As a result, it has a wide usage and savoury pie is often consumed as a delicious treat in lunch or at evenings. After meals, you can enjoy chocolate pie as well.

Let’s talk about the trending topic, is cheesecake a pie or a cake? Cheesecakes have a crumb crust like a pastry and fillings of custard or fruit in the centre. As we know, cake is a bread- like food that’s sweet, while pie is a baked item consisting of various fillings in a pastry shell. So, cheesecake is neither a cake nor a pie and can be ranked as tart.

All in all, cakes and pies both are perfect to meet your craving for baked goods that are worthy of gobbling. I hope you liked this blog and it cleared your doubts. Awaiting your responses in the comments section below. Happy eating!