Most of the profound debates lie in the genre of desserts. One such uncertainty is, which is healthier cake vs muffin?

Cake and muffins both are bread- like goods but they are not the same. Read this blog till the end to find out their differences to know the answer of your prevalent question, is a chocolate muffin a cake?


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What Are the Important Attributes of Cake Vs Muffin?

Let’s discuss briefly the prime differentiating factors of cake versus muffin:


Flour, sugar, eggs, dairy, yeast or baking powder


Flour, sugar, eggs, dairy, baking powder




Sweet or salty


Tender, fluffy


Dense, compact










25-55 minutes


20-40 minutes

















CALORIES* (for 100g)

227-450 kcal*


203- 420 kcal*

* Source: as per USDA

Are Cake and Muffin Mix the Same?

Let’s talk about cake vs muffin ingredients. Cake batter is made of all-purpose flour, yeast or baking powder, powdered sugar, eggs and dairy like butter, milk. More than one egg is used for batter. Buttercream or crystallised fruit is used for frosting.

Muffins are prepared from the same ingredients but the quantity differs. Less amount of fat, sugar and more amount of liquid (vegetable oil) and flour are used to make muffin batter. It usually contains one egg and flour used may be whole wheat flour, oat flour or different nut flours. They often include nuts, fruit and other mix-ins.

Why Are Muffins Better Than Cake in Taste?

Cakes have many flavours ranging from chocolate and vanilla to fruit cakes. They are flavoursome, sweet and scrumptious desserts topped with fondant and delectable seasonings. 

Muffins are typically unsweetened and often sweetened flatbread. American sweet muffins are made from chocolate, blueberry or bran, whereas salty muffins are made from ingredients like corn and cheese.

Which Is Better, Cake or Muffin in Texture?

The cake’s texture is light, spongy and tender. The reason is that butter and sugar are creamed by beating for a delicate, soft and smooth batter. 

On the other hand, muffins are baked by combining wet and dry ingredients separately. The muffin batter is beaten for a lesser time than a cake batter, hence its dense and more compact.

Differences in Muffin vs Cake Size and Shape

Cake are available in different layers and sizes depending on the size of the pan. A large variety in shape is on the market including round, square, rectangular and heart.

Muffins are also available in bakery stores in different sizes. They are generally baked in a round cup shaped mould, but also accessible in heart, oval, square and star shapes.

Is Muffin and Cake the Same in Colour?

Nowadays, a wide range of colours of cakes have been made available by bakers. Different types of ingredients used, frosting and toppings (as in chocolate ganache, white cream or fruit) are responsible for the different colours.

Muffins are also available in varied colours depending upon the added elements (food colour, fruit, nuts, cheese, herbs or spices). They are creamish yellow in colour from inside.

What Is the Difference Between Cake and Muffin Baking Time?

You can bake cakes and muffins using an OTG, microwave oven or on a gas stove. The baking time of these goods differs and it’s based on the mode of baking, type of confectionery item, its flavours, size of the mould or pan and temperature.

Cake batter is beaten essentially longer than muffin batter. Unlike muffins, cakes are usually decorated with cream, candies, sprinkles and that too requires much time.

Cakes or Muffins- Which Is More Complex to Make?

Both cake and muffins are prepared with the same ingredients but the quantity and the procedure differs. Also, frosting of cakes is done that makes it more complex to make.

Cake preparation require creaming of butter, eggs and sugar with a beater and then flour and leaveners are added. Whereas baking of muffins is done after combining dry and wet elements separately. Hence, baking muffins is easier than baking cakes.

Is Muffin Healthier Than Cake?

Coming to cake vs muffin nutrition, their calories depend upon the type of dessert and elements. In the case of muffins, calories come from carbs while calories in cake come mainly from fat and sugar. Also, English muffins (calories differ based on type of grain used) and low fat muffins have much less calories than regular ones. Likewise, frosted cakes have more calories than unfrosted ones.

A frequent question that I have come across recently is, what has more sugar- cake or muffin? Let me tell you that muffins contain less fat and sugar and has nutritious ingredients like fruit and nuts, hence it is more nourishing than cake.

Which Is Better- Cake or Muffins for Vegans?

Either you can buy vegan cakes or try homemade vegan cake by using some healthy alternatives.

  • Vegan milks like oat milk or soy milk- alternatives of dairy milk.
  • Coconut milk and cream- to substitute cream frosting.
  • The liquid from chickpeas, vegan yogurt- eggs and butter
  • Organic sugar, cane sugar or brown sugar.

Muffins can also be made vegan by substituting eggs and dairy used,

  • Mashed bananas or applesauce to substitute sugar.
  • Vegan milks like oat milk, almond milk, coconut milk to substitute dairy milk. 
  • Eggs can be replaced with egg- substitute products made of potato or tapioca starch.

Discussing Different Types of Cakes Versus Muffins

Cakes are generally adorned with buttercream, cherries, chocolate ganache, cake crumbs, fruits or dry fruits. A plethora of cake options have been made available these days by bakers like .

Muffins are of two types- flatbread type and quickbread. They may have a sugared top or slight coating. Moreover, they have yummy fillings of either fruit or nuts or other mix-ins inside it. This is why muffins do not need to put any frosting on top. 

Which Is More Popular, Cake or Muffin?

Cakes are frequently used as a celebratory dish on special occasions like birthdays, weddings, meetings etc. Moreover, you can use the leftover cake in countless ways to make some flavoursome recipes. Although, it’s a heavenly treat yet it has a limited use because it’s pricey.

Muffins have a wide usage and can be relished in many ways. Quickbread American muffins are a single- serving dessert that is baked to meet everyday cravings, whereas flatbread English muffins are often eaten as a breakfast recipe. It is a cheap and cheerful item.

A frequent question that is always asked by people is, how to turn muffin mix into cake? Muffin mix contains less fat and sugar plus more flour and liquid than a cake mix. So, by adding a few elements like eggs and sugar, you can easily convert muffin mix into cake. 

Lastly, I hope that you learned the differences between the two baked goods. Next time you order these desserts, then you will know which one to choose, muffin or cake. Enjoy baking and eating!