Want to make your partner’s day a bit sweeter with a hilarious message? Are you looking for short and funny cake messages for your wife that will make her chuckle?

Well, your lady is the special one who deserves a good laugh. Keep reading to find out funny cake writing ideas for wife which are covered below.

Funny cake messages for wife


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51 Hysterical Funny Cake Messages for Wife to Make Her Giggle

Moving to my own list of funny short birthday cake quotes for wife.


With this cake, anti-ageing cream was free. I thought you won’t need it as it’s already very late! 😜

Smash your face with the delish cake. Maybe your wrinkles will hide then! 😅


Dear wife, I am sorry that I can’t put that many candles on this cake at your age, it’s not so spacious. Happy birthday to you! 😃


I know that you make the very best choices like you chose me, dear wifey. But I am very bad at it! 🤓


Wife, this cake is for you on this Navratri. I know you have all the nine goddesses in you, especially Ma Kali! 🤪

What Can I Write on a Cake for Fun for my Wife?


Wifey, if you think age is just a number, well you are right but don’t show yourself a mirror! 😆


You are the darkness of my lighting life. Oh sorry wifey, slip of the tongue! 😄


My love, you are special to the aliens, they are waiting for you for 100 years!😝


You look so pretty even at this age. It’s all because of my love and 5 kg POP on your face, isn’t it? 🤭


Don’t hesitate, smile and cut the cake, my Queen.

From tomorrow, kids will call you Aunty! 😂


I wish that I have a wiser and smarter wife. Sadly, it didn’t happen to me in this life! 😁

What Funny Thing Can I Write to My Wife on Her Birthday Cake?


Once I forgot your birthday and had to sleep in the bathroom for four days. Sadly, I always remember this feary day. Happy birthday my dear wife! 😉


Happy birthday to my wife, the most beautiful angel or say, eagle of my life! 


Cheers to you for being born so many years ago. Happy birthday, wifey! 😜


Hey my lady, you are bold and beautiful. But let me forget about your senses. Happy birthday! 😝


Happy birthday my lady. I love you to the moon and back. I wish I could send you there only! 


Dear wife, happy birthday. Please eat the whole cake as I have just called the diet police! 

Funny Short Birthday Cake Quotes for Wife


You are still flaming hotter than the candles on this cake! 😉


Welcome to the age of wisdom, my dear wife. Happy birthday to you! 😄


Happy birthday wifey. Find your lipstick in this cake that I baked for you! 😀


My love is precious for you, my lady. So, happy birthday, forget about presents! 🤓


Let’s salute your ancient age with this cake! 🤪


I am so elated to see that you are not 100 yet. Happy birthday my love! 😛

Funny Birthday Cake Sayings and Messages for Wife


You better hide your face or else, your teeth and white hairs will narrate the whole thing, wifey! 😁


Grateful to my mother-in-law who gave birth to you to test my blood, my dear wife! 😀


Get rid of kidnapping and bullying, just become more fatty, wifey! 🤣


Slow down your speed of sliding through life, my mate! 😂


Jollify your mid- life crisis with this cake, my lady! 🤭


I wish I had a Jinnie and I could make 3 wishes. The first one would be you, second this chocolate cake and third would be to stop your wild hunger! 🤣

Funny Wordings on Birthday Cake for Wife


The cost of too many candles on your birthday cake is more than the cake itself! 😅


Maturity is a choice of inevitable aging, not a need. You are a beautiful example of this! 😝


You sparkled and crackled my life and this family as you are a BOMB, my lady! 😂


Hey my dear wife, spare a piece of the cake for my sake. Get rid of your boundless appetite! 😜


Your age now equals my grandma’s age when I was born! Happy birthday my wifey! 😄


I always solace your endeavors, no matter how old you are! 🤪

Funny Names on Cake for Wife


Congratulations as you are getting older and older, my dear wife! 🤩


Wifey, you are forgetting the calories and eating whole pastries! 🤓


Whooping up your antics with this cake, dear wife! 😅


Here is to your wrinkled eyes and skin, my lady! 😜


My lovely wife, you are just like a red wine that’s aging tastefully! 😝


Wifey, rollicking your vintage years with choco cake! 😆

Funny Cake Writing Ideas for Wife


Find the secret ingredient of this cake that may be your favorite makeup thing! 💅 😂


I know I am a crack- brained person but you handled me so well! Thank you my lady love! 😁


I love you berry much wifey, despite that your wig scares me a lot! 😜


I don’t know what I should say to you, answer to my problems or problems in my life! 😆


Come on, admit it now that you belong to a very ancient period of Alibaba! 🤣

Funny Lines on Cake For Wife Birthday


Blow out the candles on cherry cake, but make sure to fix your teeth implants! 😛


We both are a perfect couple and this cake defines our lava! 😜


As you eat the cake, then be certain that you don’t lose your fake teeth! 😂


I wonder how you will eat the cake with these rotten gums and implants and how much? 😅


My lovely wife, for God’s sake, please start behaving like a wiser lady and not a gobbler! 🤣

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You can use any of these funny birthday cake messages for wife whenever you like for your lady. Looking forward to your responses and views in the comments section below.